2017/18 Curling Season Information


The early bird fee is $350. The early bird deadline for joining the East York is April 1st until May 31st.  To register click here. If you choose to pay your fees between June 1st to July 29th, the fee will be $360. When you register you’ll notice there is an error in our club name.  We’re listed as Suburban Masters but never fear, our name has not changed.


  1. Applicants who have paid their membership fees and need to cancel/withdrawal prior to July 29th, 2017 may do so without any penalty.
  2. Cancellation of membership fees between July 30th, 2017 and prior to the 3rd day of curling in their respective league will be charge a $40.00 administration fee.
  3. Any cancellations after the 3rd day of curling for relocation or personal/health injury will be required to submit the Withdrawal Form and will subject to the $40.00 administration fee plus a pro-rated membership playing fee.
  4. Any exceptions to the above would require Board approval.

Spare Policies:

  1. Any non-member spares must pay a fee of $20.00 per game and sign a Guest League Play form which includes a waiver each time they play.  At the end of the season, each Section will receive any spare fees collected during the season.
  2. Each league will be provided with a list of members who would be willing to spare in their league.  They can provide the list to their members or if the league has a spare co-ordinator he can draw from the list provided.