Frequently Asked Questions

Ice Safety


We are now part of East York Curling Club and have our own page on their website

How can we register?
You can register here.

When do we curl?
We curl on Wednesday from late October until April. We are on the ice from 4:30 pm until 6:30 pm

Is food and liquor available? Yes, there is food available at East York Curling Club. There is a bar that serves alcoholic beverages including a wide selection of beer and snacks.

Where is the Suburban Schoolmasters Curling Club located?
We are part of East York Curling Club. Click here for the location.

Can I join any team?
No. We are a draft league. The draft takes place in late September or early October.

Are we a mixed league?
No. We are an open league.

What age can I start curling?
You must be 18 years of age or older when the curling season starts.

What equipment do I need to purchase in order to curl?
You need a broom and a slider (which is a teflon surface that fits over the sole of one shoe.) East York  does have sliders and brooms available to borrow.

What should I wear?
It is useful to dress in a couple of layers. Loose-fitting pants like nylon track-wear or “sweats” is recommended for mobility.


What is the fee for a full time member?
The fee is $350.00 if you pay before May 31th, 2017. Between June 1st to July 29th, the fee will be $360.

What does a full time member fee include?
The opportunity to spare for other leagues at East York. 

What is the spare fee?
There is no spare fee for full-time members. However, non-member spares must pay a fee of $20.00 per game and sign a Guest League Play form which includes a waiver each time they play.

Ice Safety

How should I step on the ice?
Sliders and ice are both slippery. You should always step on the ice with your gripper foot. Never step onto the ice with your slider foot. Your slider foot should be: LAST ON, FIRST OFF.

Can I fall on the ice?
Yes. Like any sport played on ice there is risk of falling and getting hurt.

Are the curling sheets busy?
Yes curling sheets are always busy with activity. Rocks are always being delivered, sweepers are following rocks, people are often walking back and forth. You need to be very aware of your surroundings.

Do you have any safety suggestions while on the ice?
Try to keep your center of gravity slightly forward like you would in skiing or skating. Long, slow strides are better than short fast ones when sweeping. Try to keep on the balls of your feet, not on the heel. Putting the edge of the heel of your foot down can cause it to go out from under you and make you fall backwards.


Where can you park?
There is a parking lot across the street from the East York Curling Club. The entrance to the parking lot is off of Gledhill Avenue.