2017/18 Spare Rules

The 2017/18 Spare Rules will be posted in the fall. Check out the 2016/17 spare rules!!!

  1. The Onus is on the skips to be fair when pre-arranging and to govern themselves by following this simple set of rules.
  2. Skips may continue to “pre-arrange” spares, but such spares need to be recorded in the spare book by contacting the Spare Coordinator before the day of the game.
  3. The Spare Coordinator will not match spares to teams (with the exception of recording pre-arranged spares in the spare book. See 1. above).
    1. Skips who have NOT “pre-arranged”, but still need a spare, must contact the Spare Coordinator by noon Tuesday so s/he has time to try to arrange the necessary number of spares for Wednesday.
      1. Calling the Spare Coordinator in this situation does not automatically enter the Skips name in the spare book.
  4. The process of matching spares to teams is first come, first served as follows:
    1. Spares who arrive without a “pre-arranged” game will enter their names in the spare book in the first blank spaces available;
    2. Skips who arrive without a “pre-arranged” spare will enter their names in the spare book in the first blank spaces available;
    3. Spares and Skips whose names appear opposite each other in the spare book will play together, with the following exception:
      1. A spare cannot play for the same team two weeks in a row;
      2. If, by coincidence, a spare and skip sign the spare book next to each other two weeks in a row, then the club expects such a skip to switch spares with another team to avoid the conflict (if such a switch is possible);
  5. A skip may ask for a pre-arrangement beyond one week with the approval of the executive for extended absences.
  6. This information will be shared with the league skips before the first league game.
  7. Spares must always play lead or second, with lead and/or second moving up to vice and/or second to build capacity in front end players.